I seem to find inspiration when I am out and about. Whether it’s large lettering on container ships in Fremantle Port, the festival and exhibition banners hanging in Perth’s Cultural Centre or the tidy type on my beer bottle – it all gets noticed and appreciated. This world of design and typography is an all-encompassing one, and one that I’m happy to have found.

Having grown up in an artistic family, I have always been drawn towards design and the arts. However, it took a degree in sustainability and a several years of working as a cook to realise that graphic design was the career for me.

Finding the right balance of type, colour, imagery and space is what I love about designing, whether it’s on a book, poster, web banner or packaging. I like to experiment with non-digital printing techniques and incorporate handmade elements in my work, with a focus on typography, print design and illustration. I am happiest when creating designs that are vibrant, surprising and a little left of center.

I am currently working as a Designer at Chil3 and an in-house Designer at The Fulcrum.Agency. I am also freelancing with other Perth agencies and run a small studio practice – for my regular clients Madalena’s; North Street Store and Peter Moran Architecture.

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